Additional Services

Additional Services

Deck staining

There are a number of reasons to have your deck professionally stained. The first and most important reason is to maintain the overall quality of the deck surface. Decks get a lot of traffic and are constantly exposed to the elements, and they need a touch up every few years. Another reason is that before you may stain a deck, it must be cleaned to ensure that the stain absorbs properly. A professional staining crew will do the cleaning for you. When we stain your deck, we are adding years to its life and improving the curb appeal of your home. This maintenance also results in savings by reducing the potential need for repairs to the deck surface.

Deck Staining Wilmington NC
Additional Services

Pressure Washing

Power washing utilizes a water sprayer to remove tough stains from outdoor surfaces. We don’t use high pressure unless it’s absolutely necessary. 90% of the time we use the pressure washer to wash the house using an environment friendly house wash chemical.

Got mold, mildew, or mud? How about grease, gum, or other grimy stains? Power washing can quickly remove these annoyances to get your home looking bright and fresh again. Most importantly, it is a completely safe method of cleaning for your home.

Additional Services


Over time, drywall can sag or crack and sometimes collisions from moving furniture or kids chasing the dog around can lead to dents and holes. When life happens, call Aztec Painting, Inc. to repair these spots. We are always careful to cut and sand just the right amount to leave you with a clean surface and no evidence of recent repair.

Aztec Painting Drywall
Aztec Painting Garage Epoxy
Additional Services


There are many benefits to having an epoxy garage floor. The shiny, colorful surface not only adds to the beauty of your home but is also resistant to oil stains. Water will bead on the surface and allow you to clean up the floor with the same ease that you would clean a kitchen counter. The anti-skid surface provides traction on those bad-weather days. Additionally, color chips and customized paint coloring can hide cracks and defects in the concrete and give your garage that “showroom” feel.

Additional Services


Save money on your kitchen remodel by refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them. Most older cabinetry is well built, so preserving it is usually worthwhile. They may be worn, discolored, or dull. We can provide you with high-end designer results you want at the price you’ll love.

Aztec Painting Cabinets
Wood Repair Wilmington NC
Additional Services

Wood Repair

We replace rotten wood, caulk cracks, and fasten loose boards before house painting projects. No more cracks, peeling paint, or rotting wood to worry about.

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